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in the Mission Arts Building where Gallery 9 is also located

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Closed for Major Holidays, Major Storms and Home Football Game Days or on rare occasions when Life Happens

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


There are 5 new patterns now available for sale on my Etsy site. They are the Quilt Pin Series that consists of quilt patterns that have been converted to bead patterns.

The Amish Shadow Quilt
2 versions of the Basket Quilt
Irish Double Chain Quilt
Red White and Blue Quilt
Star Quilt

These were a lot of fun to make up. The stitch used is Odd Count Peyote; however, you can always turn it on its side and do them in Brick Stitch as well.

The ZPurpleStar Etsy site also has 2 other patterns: The Red Red Rose and the Lindy Drum (a perfect easy little ornament for Christmas!)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

NEW on this Blog

To the right of this blog you will find a new page for this blog called "5Z'S Beads". Here you will see pictures of what you will find at 5Z'S Star City Bead Shop: Lots and Lots of BEADS!

I've also added another link to the Bead Pattern section to the right. I've included the link to Michèle Talier's blog L'telier . The beadwork here is so beautiful and elegant! Even though this blog is in French, it well worth the visit! Besides, it is easy to use one of the web page translators.

Don't forget to check out my new Etsy site! ZPurpleStar I've been working on making more PDF files of various tutorials and patterns to put up on Etsy; so keep checking back.

It is getting closer and closer to Christmas! This year I am making a point of being more patient with everyone around me, especially on the roads! It is just so much easier to be giving and sharing then any thing else.

I do wish you all a wonder filled Holiday!

Monday, December 6, 2010

PATTERNS at Etsy! & Holiday Suggestions

Yes, I've been working on getting my Etsy site set up so that I can offer various patterns as PDF files. At the present time The Red Red Rose pattern is available for purchasing for only $25.00! (That's a savings of $5 on the printed out version at the shop!) Soon you will see more of my patterns/tutorials available on Etsy. Be sure to bookmark ZPurpleStar on Etsy and check back often for new patterns.

If you are looking for some really quick Holiday gifts, try these two suggestions:

Christmas Tree Earrings:
2 Head Pins
2-4mm Heishi Beads
2-10mm Swarovski Margarita Beads
2-8mm Swarovski Margarita Beads
2-6mm Swarovski Margarita Beads
2-4mm Swarovski Bicone Beads
2 Tiny Jump Rings
1 pair of Lever Back Earwires
You’ll need pliers
(round nose & cutters)

Kits are available at 5Z'S to make one pair of these Christmas Tree earrings for only $12!!!

Snowman Earrings:
2 Head Pins
2-8mm Swarovski Pearls
2 Fluted Bead Caps
2-6mm Swarovski Pearls
2-6mm Rondell
2-3mm Cube
2 Teeny Tiny Jump Rings
1 pair of Lever Back Earwires
You’ll need pliers
(round nose & cutters)

Kits are available at 5Z'S to make one pair of these Snowmen earrings for only $9!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Catch UP

NEW Products in the shop:
Ultra Suede in 3 colors in sheets 4.25" x 8.5"
Deerskin Lace in 4 colors
Soft-Suede Lace in 6 colors

NEW Pattern:
You can NOW get the 3D Red Red Rose as a pattern only without the class! The cost of the pattern instruction booklet is $30.00. It is very detailed.

NEW in my life:
A NEW Computer! I didn't do that on purpose either! My computer lost it's video card (on the motherboard) and one RAM socket. I tell folks all the time to replace their surge protectors at least once a year. It was time for mine and I had not done it yet. And that's what blew me into the world of having to setup a new computer! It's not fun! But everything is just about done on this new computer. One of the nice things that did happen is that my hard drive was not affected and neither were my backups!

At the same time I was in the process of setting up a new computer, the Lincoln Bead Bazaar happened. I missed out on posting that event here on my blog. Next year should be better!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NEW Beads & Finding

Here is a picture of NEW Seed Beads:
Pictured from Left to Right are:
6-329 - Color Lined Sandy Beige
8-329 - Color Lined Sandy Beige
11-329 - Color Lined Sandy Beige
8-580A - Gilt Lined Champagne Alabaster11-580A - Gilt Lined Champagne Alabaster
8-375F - Sparkling Blueberry11-375F - Sparkling Blueberry
11-355 - Color Lined Pink AB

Classic M
This is a new finding that works as a toggle and a pendant bail.
Attach rings of the necklace wire where the green arrows are located.
Attach pendant where the purple arrow is located.
The Classic M comes in Silver, Gold and Copper.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

4th of July Beadwork

The 4th of July is just a little over a week away so I thought I would share some of the beadwork I've made.

This first piece consists of 2 strands of red beads, 2 strands of white beads, 2 strands of blue beads for a total of 6 strands that are attached to a slider bar clasp. The strands are then tied into a special knot.

My favorite type of beadwork to make are 3D pieces. This particular piece is made using RAW (Right Angle Weave). It is very enjoyable to hold in your hand.

This piece is one that is so much fun to make! It consists of Fire Polish Crystals that are placed onto a head pin with a loop at other end. The loop is then placed on the next head pin after the Fire Polish Crystal but before the loop at the other end is made. This piece is very light-weight and fun to wear!

Then for the fun of it, I made another 3D RAW piece, but I used more "tribal colors" of Red, Turquoise and Black.

You can see all of these pieces and many more at the 5Z'S Star City Bead Shop!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NEW Beads

Here is a picture of NEW Seed Beads:
Pictured from Left to Right are:
6-207 - Pink Lined Crystal
8-207 - Pink Lined Crystal
11-207 - Pink Lined Crystal
11-2405 - Transparent Teal

Here is a picture of NEW CUBE Beads:
Pictured from Left to Right are:
4mm Cube SB-2405 - Transparent Teal
4mm Cube SB-304 - Garnet Gold Luster
3mm Cube SB3-25F - Matte Silver Lined Capri Blue

Here is a picture of NEW TRIANGLE Beads:
Pictured from Left to Right are:
10TR-20 - Silver Lined Cobalt
10TR-25F - Matte Silver Lined Capri Blue
10TR-451 - Gunmetal

Here is a picture of a NEW DROP Beads:
DP-457 - Bronze

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Picture of the New Cube Beads

Here is a picture of the lovely NEW Cube Beads:

Pictured from Left to Right are:
1.5mm Cube 451 - Gunmetal

3mm Cube 5-Silver Lined Light Topaz
3mm Cube 14 - Silver Lined Chartreuse
3mm Cube F463B - Matte Raku Teal Iris
3mm Cube 451 - Gunmetal

4mm Cube F463B - Matte Raku Teal Iris

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Beads

These are the NEW beads that just arrived at 5Z'S!
From Left to Right they are:

6-1209 and 8-1209 - Marbled Opaque Avocado/Pink
8-253 and 11-253 - Orange Crystal AB
11-453 - Metallic Green Iris
11-220 - Color Lined Light Sky Blue

Next are the NEW Japanese Peanut Beads:
PNUT-910 Amethyst Luster Stone
PNUT-534A Purple Celyon
PNUT-912 Blue Stone
PNUT-905 Light Pink Stone
PNUT-913 Light Sage Stone
PNUT-451 Gunmetal
PNUT-420 White Pearl
PNUT-401 Opaque Black

Also NEW but not pictured are some lovely Cube Beads:

1.5mm Cube 451 - Gunmetal

3mm Cube 5-Silver Lined Light Topaz
3mm Cube 14 - Silver Lined Chartreuse
3mm Cube 451 - Gunmetal
3mm Cube F463B - Matte Raku Teal Iris

4mm Cube F463B - Matte Raku Teal Iris

These Cube Beads are a nice addition to the large selection of Cubes Beads. They are also perfect for use in the NEW "Quickie Bracelet" Class.

I'll be adding this class to the class list as soon as I get some pretty pictures to show off the "Quickie Bracelets".

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Up and Running

The Omaha Bead Bazaar is completed for another year. It was very enjoyable to see many of my Omaha Beading Friends. But now it's back to the little sweet shop here in Lincoln. There are a few more "things" I need to put away; but other then that, the shop is up and running!

This coming Saturday, April 17, 2010, there is to be the Spring Husker Football game at 1:00 pm. This means there is a big possibility that the shop will be closed that day, if I don't find a parking place.

Hopefully, in the next week I'll figure out how to set up a second page on this blog so I can display pictures of classes that I offer.

As some of you know I'm a big fan of the YouTube - Kia's 2010 big game commercial that has the Sock Monkey in it. So, I purchased a sock monkey pattern from bead-patterns.com and then Shala of "Don't Eat the Paste" made up a peyote stitched "Mom Tattoo" for me that I beaded up. These two make me laugh so much!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Omaha Bead Bazaar

The OMAHA Bead Bazaar is this weekend! April 10th at the Westside Community Conference Center, 3534 S. 108 Street in Omaha, Nebraska. The hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be lots of vendors there including 5Z'S!!! 5Z'S shop will be Closed April 5-11. But, you can find all your 5Z'S bead goodies at the Omaha Bead Bazaar! For a vendor list and map of directions to get to the Omaha Bead Bazaar go to: http://nebraskabeadsociety.com/OmahaBazaar2010.html

Going to a Bead Bazaar is so MUCH FUN! You get to see so many beads and beading supplies and many of the beaders in attendance where there new "findery"! So not only do you get to have access to beads and beading supplies that are not normally available, you get to see some gorgeous EYE CANDY as well!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easter is coming soon!

Easter is almost here and I thought I'd show you a little bunny that I made that sits on my table at my bead shop. The pattern to make this is available at this Etsy site: "Beading Fantasy" I didn't have the exact round ball that is called for in the pattern so I used one that was similar in size but flat on the bottom. It really was a lot of fun to make. Children as well as the adults that come into my shop think it is so cute!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Beginning

Z Purple Star has come into existence! What is Z Purple Star? It is the logo for my little bead shop located in Lincoln, Nebraska. I have had a few web sites in the past and have helped a few to get a web site up. So instead of continuing to say no, I don't have a web site, I can now say that you can go here to check out little tidbits. Now if you want to, you can thank Roy C. Stoner (top link in my "Enjoyments" list) by visiting his blog and enjoying his artwork.