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5Z'S Inspiration Links

Just about every monthly email for the past few years has had an "Inspirational Link".
Below is a listing of those links:

JULY 2011:
This is the web site is written in Hungarian. It has some very lovely pictures of beadwork that are definitely inspiration for projects and color combinations!


MAY 2011:
I really like the name of this blog: Mom and Pop Beadwork. It is in German. You will need to use one of the translators to understand what is being said. BUT, the pictures are gorgeous and definitely inspiration!

APRIL 2011:
I think this link is more of a "How To" link with LOTS of inspiration! There are over 1800 posts on this site. All of them full of information and "how-to" or "where-to"!

MARCH 2011:
Shala, the editor for Beadwork at Bellaonline has come up with a very cute and adorable beaded Shamrock made out of seedbeads!

While surfing the internet (gotta get my exercise in somehow!) I came across this blog that has some really gorgeous beadwork!

BellaOnline has a section for "Beadwork". The Guide for this site is Shala Kerrigan. I think she is probably the most prolific guide I've known on the internet. While checking out this site, be sure to sign up for her email and check out the forum!

Betsy Youngquist is a bead artist that takes the unusual and covers it with beads! I have been following her work on Facebook; so if you have a Facebook account, look up "Byart". She even has some videos there of her process. Do check out her gallery at http://byart.com/ . You will be amazed!

It's Esty! There are so many items available on Etsy! It is a fantastic place to get inspiration, special gifts AND/OR Patterns. The link is:

Along the left hand side of the site is a listing of "Categories". If you scroll down the list to "Patterns" and click on that option you will be taken to:

On the left hand side of this new web page, you will see a listing of various Pattern Categories to choose from. One of these is "Beading". If you select that option you will be taken to:

There is a lot to explore on Etsy. And, who knows, you might find that just right inspiration OR gift!

100% Free Beading Patterns ... There are a LOT of free Native American Beading Patterns and other beading patterns:

Nebraska State Historical Society link to lots of pictures Native American Beadwork:

(No Link this month)
October is when the Lincoln Bead Bazaar happens.


This is the web site for Michèle Talier, a French Bead Artist. Recently I purchased her Pumpkin Bead Pattern (you can see samples of the finished Pumpkin Beads at the shop). The second link is to where you can purchase other patterns (schemas) from her. Some are in English, but most of them are in French. Her work is delightful and fun to make. One of the nice things about the internet is that if you do not understand a language you can use the various free interpretation sites on the web. This is what I have done with beadwork patterns from foreign countries. Personally, I feel that the French beaders produce some of the most stunning beadwork out there!

AUGUST 2010:
These are all links to the same woman's web site. While checking out the Beading Patterns section of the Etsy web site, I came upon her patterns. I kept going back and looking at them and decided to buy one. It was really easy to purchase and within 24 hours I was sent a lovely PDF of the pattern. It is one of the my next projects I'll be making up.

ANOTHER Link:  http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art67990.asp
This one is perfect for those of you who do not have your ears pierced. Shala, the beadwork guide for Bellaonline, shows how to make ear wraps and fringe. This is so clever!

JULY 2010:
This is the web site of Suzanne Cooper who is a prolific beader and designer. She also has a great sense of humor. In a recent newsletter she wrote this:  "Thought for the day: I don't want to brag or make anybody jealous or anything, but I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school" I'm still laughing over that one! She also has a great list of "21 Reasons For Buying Beads" http://www.suzannecooper.com/like/buyreason.html (Although there are only 20 reasons listed, I'm sure you can come up with more!) Suzanne has a LOT of wonderful patterns available on her site. Go and have some fun exploring her web site.

APRIL 2010:
YouTube is a web site that displays lots and lots of videos! One category is beading! I found this link:

So, I had to make it! It's a Flat Spiral Bracelet. But I couldn't stop there, so I made the double one that is located at these two links:

The one I made was done with 6mm and 4mm Fire Polish Crystals. I experimented with some Crystal Fireline. It seems to be a lot nicer then the "regular" Fireline. (Meaning it isn't "Crunchy"!) So far this bracelet seems to be holding up nicely! I'm ordering in some of the 4lb and 6lb Crystal Fireline that should be in the shop before the Omaha Bead Bazaar.

Okay, this is not an actual "beading" web site. BUT, it could be a type of "inspiration"!
Recently my sister and I discovered this shop here in Lincoln, Nebraska. This is a Soda Pop and Candy shop that carries the largest selection I have ever seen. There are some flavors of Soda Pop that I've never seen before with some very unique names! We had so much fun there!
If you get a chance to go to this shop, please do!

Since we have so much snow around us, I thought this link to some beaded medallions that look like colored snowflakes but called "Perlensterne" (Bead Stars) would be very (well it is my own humor!) appropriate!
and some more:


This month's link is one that I have given before:

This web page is a little slow in loading but well worth it. They have a LOT of Holiday patterns and they are very reasonably priced. I, personally, have ordered a few of their patterns and have enjoyed making them. One of the patterns I just recently purchased is called the Office Santa Claus Paper Clip. Check it out when you are at this web site. It is going to be one of my next projects.

This month's link is something to inspire your mind to the possibilities:
Be sure to click on the link "About Gail Be". 

This month's link is to another foreign blog:

At the bottom of the page are the words: Régebbi bejegyzések  When you click on that, you are taken to "older posts" 

AUGUST 2009:
This month's link is to a blog of a German Beader:

At the bottom of the page are the words: Altere Posts  When you click on that, you are taken to "older posts"

For a translation of this foreign web pages:  Use this link: http://translate.google.com/translate_t?hl=en# then copy the URL into the blank box; then select the language of the page you want to translate and then the language you want the page translated into (English is what it is set up for at this link); then click on the "Translate" button. Often times a new page will open up with the word "Translating" highlighted; Click on that link to get the translation.

JULY 2009:
I seem to be stuck on Blogs! What I like doing is going to a blog that is noted on one of the beading email lists, scrolling through it to see if anything catches my eyes (almost every image does!), reading what that particular artist has written, and then going to the various links of other blogs they often times list to one side! That is how I found this blog:
Go there and see what adventures in beading discoveries you can find!

JUNE 2009:
There are a LOT of Blogs that cover beading! You can get lost in the sea of beading blogs that are out there on the internet. (At least I do!) One of the things I enjoy doing is going to the foreign blogs and just looking at the pictures. (A picture is worth a Thousand Words!) On one of my recent "Lost in Sea" trips, I found a German Blog that had a really interesting diagram for beading a beaded bead. Some of you have seen me working on them in the shop. The pattern is done by Mariposas Schatzkiste. Her blog is in German and is located here:
The beaded bead is called "Die Pitaya".
The actual PDF file download link is located close to the bottom of this page (along with some really nice pictures of "Die Pitaya":

MAY 2009:

I thought this was very creative! You might find other little projects as well by going to:

APRIL 2009:
Blog Surfing is a great way of seeing what other beaders are working on or have accomplished. It is also a way of getting inspiration for projects and bead color combinations.
Most blogs will have along either the right or left side of the page links to other similar sites. So be sure to check out those web pages as well! Here is a neat blog that even has some instructional sheets on it as well!

MARCH 2009:
  If you are looking for a nice Beading Magazine that features more items utilizing Seed Beads and Delicas check out these links:
Link to bead pattern magazine:  http://www.bead-patternsmag.com/catalog/
Link to previews of previous magazines:  http://www.bead-patternsmag.com/cms/content/view/491/171/
If you are into doing a bit of "origami" and like the little bunnies in the shop, you can find a YouTube Video on how to make them here:
For a LOT of beadwork "eye candy":
http://www.picsearch.com/  (type in the word "beadwork") 

This is the web site that has some really inexpensive but adorable beading patterns! It's a little slow in loading but well worth the wait! I have personally purchased some of these patterns and really enjoyed making them up. Make sure to select the "American" flag for USA dollar amounts.

Recently I found the web site for "Sarah's Beading Obsession". Sarah has some of the most fantastic beading patterns available on her web site:  http://www.sarahsbeadingobsession.com/

Under the section for What's NEW ( http://www.sarahsbeadingobsession.com/w3/whatsnew.htm ), she NOW has the pattern available for her "Fuzzy The Iguana"!!!!!!!

Oh and don't be fooled by the list of patterns on the left side of your screen. She has EVEN MORE listed under the QUICK ORDER PATTERNS! And you can see a thumbnail pic of those by clicking on the underlined words "Pattern Index #..." on each page that will take you to a PDF file of the pics. There are just so many COOL Patterns available! And they are really easy to order and she sends them to you really QUICK! 

Dale Chihuly  http://www.chihuly.com/
Totally Amazing! and great color inspiration!
(go here:  http://www.chihuly.com/installations/RISD/reeds002.html to get a perspective of the first image)

YouTube  http://www.youtube.com/
Go to this web site and type in the Search box:  auntiesbeads
You will find LOTS of neat videos on making all kinds of beaded items! Some might be just the perfect Holiday gift!

Glitter Glow Beading  http://glitterglowbeading.com/
If you click on the "Gallery" option to the right, you will be taken to 9 different sub-categories of beadwork. You can then click on a small image to see a larger image. There is a LOT of "Eye Candy" on this web site!

Dulcy Heller  http://www.dulceyheller.com/index.html
3D Beading  http://3dbeading.com/

Laura Willits Web Gallery:  http://www.laurawillits.com/
Dustin J. Wedekind:  http://www.bedesman.com/
Colleen O'Rourke: http://www.corourke.com/html/gallery.html
Nome May:  http://www.blessedbead.com/

AUGUST 2008:
If you are in awe over Bead Embroidery work this is the web site to check out! It is in Russian, but you can click on one of the small images and see a larger version. It is amazing what this beader has accomplished!

If you would enjoy contemporary beadwork, this link is one to check out! This beader has gone beyond the norm into "awesome" working with a loom!

JULY 2008:
Here is a link to a blog that has lots of wonderful pictures of Beaded Baskets done by beaders in Taman, Bali!

JUNE 2008:
The Bead & Button Show is happening now! June 1-8, 2008 Check out all of their classes and events at:
(Note:  This will take you to the current Bead & Button Show information)

Interweave (Beadwork Magazine) has a neat feature called Beading Daily where you can receive one email a day about different aspects of beading! Once you are signed up you can get over 100 free projects!

MAY 2008:
Alika has some very nice beadwork pictures in 3 galleries!

APRIL 2008:
(No Link this month)

MARCH 2008:
(No Link this month)

This is the web pages for M.C. Escher. Once this page loads, go to the listing on the left-hand side and click on "Picture Gallery". On the next page there are 6 sections of M.C. Escher's artwork  to view. Personally, I was particularly interested in the "Symmetry; most of M.C. Escher's Symmetry Drawings". I really like these especially since they give me a good idea of colors that would work together in beads as well.

This is the web pages for Valarie Hector. I was first introduced to Valarie via an article in an old Ornament Magazine where she covered how to bead a polygon weave. She now has a great book out called "The Art of Beadwork". It is a fantastic book!

This site is not so much for inspiration BUT it has a lot of free fantastic templates for making your own boxes which would be perfect for any beaded item you make!

This is a little story on how this one beader creates her bead artwork.
 (Use this link  http://www.virginiabrubaker.com/  to get to her story.)

 For those who love kittens!
 For those who love puppies!
 For those who need see some beadwork!

I stumbled upon this web site and was amazed at the work of Peggy Dembicer. Some of her work does bring back memories! 

AUGUST 2007:
    "Beads in ways you've only imagined"

JULY 2007:
Be sure to check out the link to her sculptures!

JUNE 2007:
 A quick list of birthstone gemstones for each month and the birthstone colors for each month.

MAY 2007:
This is the web site of Sig Wynne-Evans. She has some really fantastic bead patterns. Make sure to
check out the "Phenomenal Beaders!!!" and the "Collectables"

APRIL 2007:
This is not necessarily an "inspiration" link, but there are so many
fantastic bead patterns and instructions available here, that I thought
it would be nice to share it. Besides, Pamela Welborn has a LOT of her
patterns available here!

MARCH 2007:
(No Link this month)

The Zulu Beadwork Language
This is a great web site with information on traditional Zulu Beadwork.

(Link for this month no longer exists.)

Janet's Beadwork


(Link for this month no longer exists.)

Freeform Beadwork

AUGUST 2006:
Doll Art 

JULY 2006:
Beaded Rings - http://www.beadjewelrymaking.com/large/ring.html

JUNE 2006:
This is a great web site for purchasing various Beading Patterns:

MAY 2006:  
 COOL Link to a 3D Beaded Teddy Bear:
(this is "tinyurl" so you don't have to copy and paste a long link)

Just about every monthly email for the past few years has had an "Inspirational Link".
Above is a listing of those links.